Monday, January 03, 2011

Today was a big day.

I bought bras that aren't nursing bras (we're not quite done with that trip, but the investment still seems sound).

I took a shower in OUR shower, that I helped tile. It did, for the record, leak a little, but nothing a little cocking won't take care of.

(But I didn't download any pictures because Raph has yet to clear some space on the computer.)

I got to meet my old friend Emma's boyfriend when they came over for dinner. And though he didn't hang any doors as was promised:), and Makili literally spat in each of their faces (oh this new child of mine is throwing some serious challenges my way!), we had a really great time seeing them. It's nice when you still like your old friends.

Our New Years Day ended with night-time sledding. Raph and I and the kids went with Ny and Abram and Kane and Ploy sledding down a steep (by my standards) hill in the dark in the middle of a golf course. Ny had never been sledding before and rolled down the hill in one big sprawl several times, but each and every time she got up laughing and ready to go again. Makili wanted to go down right away with Raph or I and didn't fuss a bit. He thought it was great. By the end of the night (when the kids were all fairly delirious from being over-tired) he was sledding down the hill by himself over and over again. What impressed me most actually was that he walked up the hill by himself every time. He and Kane were content to slide or roll down the hill on their butts when someone else was using the sled. They were really fun.

Remick was very hesitant. I finally bribed him with chocolate to go down with Raph. He screamed like a banshee the entire way down. Then he went right back to worrying about Makili and Raph while sitting on my lap. He would whimper every time someone went down a hill, until we shined the flashlight on them and showed them that they were alright. Then out of the blue when I asked him if he wanted to go down with me (which I did constantly) he said yes. He whimpered a little bit as we went down the hill, but as soon as we got to the bottom, he said "gain." Unfortunately, he didn't walk up the hill by himself, and carrying him up the hill twice was more of a workout than I had had in years. But, it was great fun.

Some photoless thoughts for the new year.

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