Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My little one.

My little one seem so big lately. He is so independent and adorable and I could just eat him up most of the time. He wants to do EVERYTHING his big brother does. Today we made cookies and he was literally climbing anything he could find to get more. He is tenacious! He says a ton of words. When Makili took off his clothes to get his pajamas on tonight, Remick was chasing him around grabbing him and naming his body parts - "bum!" "penis!" It was pretty funny. He is back to being a jolly old elf. He thinks he's hilarious. (I do too a lot of the time.) I really am enamored with him and it's a good thing I got my tubes tied, or I'd be wanting more!

He loves hats, and almost always has one on. And he also loves his shoes. He loves being outside. Sucks at sleeping - will lie in bed asleep crying - like really crying while asleep. If he wants what I have, he says "too!" for "me too." He loves to play with play dough (and cookie dough.) He's totally naughty. I KNOW when he's quiet that he is up to no good. He will find any sharp object or tool that has been left around and before I know it he is hammering the newly spread cement in the shower or using the scraper to gauge the chairs. He loved the snow this week and all day would say "snowing!" He kisses - like the sound and everything. He loves to have his teeth brushed like his big brother. He wants to do everything himself (like go down the stairs which can seriously take 45 minutes!) but if he decides he does want help he expects your hand to ready. He likes to sit on the potty like his brother, though he hasn't scored any points there yet (by the way did you know that you can buy a toilet seat at home depot with a built in kid seat? Genious.)

He is just the most delectable thing ever.