Wednesday, June 29, 2016


From Makili:

Scrabble is awesome. It is about making words. It is hard. It takes a long time sometimes especially when dad keeps saying "mom, the timer is on!"  The best word I had was Briquet and I would have gotten the bonus if I could have played it but I couldn't. So I played quick and got 45 points!

Town green

Listening to the somewhat crappy band on the village green in lyndonville, vt. Remick, it turns out, may have found his calling - conducting. 

In the RAIN:

From Remick:

We went biking and we met up with some people that we know from our hotel.  They have kids that are the same age as me and Makili.  We were biking and all of a sudden, it started raining.  I wanted to go home!  There was lightning and thunder and we got pretty wet.  The trails sort of sparkled in the rain.  I got a little bit dirty.  Mom thought biking in the rain was awesome.

Also, Remick lost another tooth in the middle of the night!  (3:30am to be exact!)

Comments from remick

At breakfast this morning upon listening to the woman at the table behind us who is British, Remick remarks "that woman did theater as a child."  When asked to explain he pointed out the way she talks. Apparently in Remicks mind participating in theater as a child leads to a life long British accent.