Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family skate plus

We spend an awful lot of time this time of year on ice skates. Last weekend it was so cold, that we couldn't even take the free route and actually paid money to skate. We met up with some friends - the McCalls and half of the Lawrence family to skate in circles.
Ege drew smiles as he went against the flow of traffic. I'm being nice by not posting a picture of him laying on the ice:)
Remick was awesome as usual, though started complaining about being cold after about 10 minutes and then he was out sidelines referee as the other kids came around to check in.
Here are the check-ins relating how many people were not wearing helmets
accounting for close calls,
and generally looking for encouragement.

Makili for his part thought that he needed to try to skate as fast as he possibly could for the entire hour and 15 minutes straight. He crashed a few times, but for the most part it was actually difficult to even get him to slow down enough for a picture. He is really good.And then of course, there were the sillies.