Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming Out

Things are starting to come OUT of the greenhouse and into the garden which is such an exciting time. With no fan on the greenhouse, I have to be constantly aware of the weather (though admittedly during this rainy cold spring, I haven't had to worry as much), since one sunny day without open doors can result in trays of dead seedlings. So coming OUT is like liberation for me.

Makili has been a huge helper in greenhouse. One day I went in the house with Remick for something and when I came back he had prepared an entire tray of peat pots with potting soil, watered them and everything. He's pretty amazing. And really, quite good at the gardening thing. It's very cute.

Remick on the other hand is a complete and total menace. He loves to play in the potting soil and dump it all over the greenhouse. He'll dump the seeds all over the place too. But he likes to be out there with me too.

I'm a lucky gardening momma.