Monday, May 28, 2012

My Little One

 We had an absolutely wonderful weekend.  And yet as I was perusing all those pictures I couldn't help but stop over an over again on these pictures of my little one.  I am just so completely in love with him at the moment.  My friend Amy described this age as all earnestness all the time.  And it is so true.  His language is complete adorable.  His little body is so squeezable.  I just want to stop him from growing forever.  Good thing I tied my tubes or I'd be trying to make more of him.

A few Remickisms:
  • He constantly tells me he's hungry, and when I ask him what he wants to eat, he says, "you pick."  So I'll say pretzels (or fruit, or cheese, etc.) and he'll emphatically say "No!" (this is both really cute and really annoying.)
  •  He hasn't quite figured out how to use certain words, like he says, "Why her isn't coming?"
  • He's fearless. 
  • He loves to swim.  Like a lot, and will without hesitation jump in the pool and sink straight to the bottom if not watched.
  • He's just become interested in letters, even though the only one he routinely knows is the letter R.  (Bad mother.  I had Makili schooled in all his letters at 2!)  He loves to play a game at the post office when they're allowed to move to another linoleum square on the floor when I say a letter in his name.
  • He LOVES to help in the garden, particularly planting beans, although watch out because he will plant them anywhere.
  • He almost never wears his shoes on the right feet.  or pants.
  • He loves to snuggle.
  • He loves to bake, and of course to eat all things baked.  When Annma shows up, Remick expects scones.  Or else.
  • He hates to eat dinner.  anything called dinner. even when it means no ice cream or dessert.
  • He loves to find bugs, and frequently exclaims, "Mom I see something!"
  • He loves music and is always singing me little songs, and when I ask him where he learned them, he tells me, "I just found them."

Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Week's Family Activity

 Treasure hunting according to Makili.  Otherwise known as geocacheing, is the newest obsession of my boys.  It is pretty amazingly cool.  People hide treasures out in the woods or where ever.  And they put an assortment of worthless crap in the boxes that kids love.  So we bring crap and drop it off, and the kids get to pick new crap.  But the in process, there is a lot of arguing over the GPS, which the kids pretend to understand, but they actually have no idea.  But we get to be outside together and in beautiful weather.  And they get to find treasure.  Makili keeps asking me to find some treasure that is buried with an X on top.