Friday, March 22, 2013

New things to love

It is amazing when you live somewhere for a long time and still find things to amaze you. Remick in his current obsession with skiing brought us to Powder House Hill in South Berwick. How could we have never been there? 5 dollars. Rope tow. Volunteer run. 25 minutes away. Perfect place for kids and learning. And honestly the perfect place for someone who hasn't skied in 15 years to get back into it:)

We went with good friends and when we arrived they were short one volunteer and couldn't run the tow. Lucy realized that and immediately charged her way up the hill skis on her shoulders. If the tow wouldn't work she would just walk to the top. Which she did. She was unbelievable. And remick really didn't like that he was not immediately as good as her but he did great too. It was awesome.