Thursday, September 27, 2012

MY favorite field trip

 I can never get enough of the Common Ground Fair.  I've gone on about it before.  It is seriously just so much fun.  So much to see and do.  So much good.  This year, we went with my parents and "camped" with them the night before.  I got to sit by a cozy campfire and eat outside even thought it was chilly.  We met up with my aunt and cousins which was extra fun because that meant I could explore a little more than I've been able to in the last few years, since I've seen more of the childrens' area than any other.  Raph seriously disappeared for the whole day, excited to take classes on wild foraging, buying an old tractor (I think he took that tractor a bit late, but whatever), mushroom foraging, and some other things.  I met him for the mushroom talk which was cool because I realized how much I have learned since I tried to go with Makili two years ago:)

We brought our own boxes for the hill this year, which is always a hit.   This is the first year however that we've participated in the veggie parade which is seriously the best fun you can have for free.  My mom was the cutest eggplant ever!

If you live anywhere near us you should really plan your next September around making it to the fair.