Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The cousins

My parents grandchildren in one place. First and only time to dates. Pretty cool.

the youngest: Hudson the early walker, happy-go-lucky, early riser, bruiser of a thing.
Remick: the never stop talking, cute as a button, full of personality from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, pistol
Kaylee: the inexhaustible, Lady and Tramp-loving, limber, always saying something, incessantly climbing sprite
Makili: the easily wonder-struck, sunny, often-whiny, gear-obsessed, artsy, love
Jenna: the ultra-competitive, quietly stubborn, arm around her younger cousins, champ
Casey: the chatty, excitable, sensitive, introspective, eyes-wide-open, darling
Austin, the perpetually positive, painfully sweet, exceedingly curious, open-minded sprout
And the oldest, Brittany: the soft-spoken, easy-going, family-loving, beauty
And the newest cousin: Ege, the garrulous, generous, kind-hearted, messy, Turk!