Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Yearly Recap

I so enjoy my yearly list of highlights.  To think of the people who've touched our lives, the landmarks my children have hit, the special trips and highlights that haven't broken up the mudane loveliness of our lives.  Here is my list for 2012 in no particular order.

-Watching Remick go from barely avoiding crashes on the Skuut to riding 5 miles with no training wheels in a matter of days.
-Watching Makili not only learn to swim but to dive confidently head first off of diving boards, the side of the pool.
-Makili's first mountain bike race with Noah, who we don't see often enough.
-Camp this summer, which was both exhausting and awesome with Lucy and Morgan as our exploration mates.
-Earth is Our Home School, which has both stretched me to spend more time outdoors with my kids, and has broadened our idea of education.  Making bread from acorns!
-Makili learning to use a knife at Earth is Our Home School and singing the song, "where will the knife go, when it slips away."
-Makili's real leap to loving making, and taking that to the next level by exhausting me with his ideas.
-The year started off with the most wonderful wedding ever - between my beloved cousin Emily and her great husband Chris.
-Family dinners with the Fullertons.
-Friday Afternoon basketball with the Fifields.
-Marching as bugs and vegetables in the Common Ground Fair veggie parade with Caroline, Emily, Suzanne, and Mom.
-My Dad's total abandonment and enjoyment of retirement!
-Meeting Ima, who is too hip for words.
-The beginnings of youth hockey.  Makili's total love of it.
-Watching Remick learn to manage his friendships at school, particularly with Levi and Parker, his buddies.
-A memorable hike up Agamenticus with Gia, Pesce and Vita.
-Pear preserve marathon thanks to the Pingrees.  Grape jam marathon thanks to Matty.
-Fall soccer - with Raph's exceptional coaching:)
-Halloweening in Pittsburgh with last-minute costumes and Kaylee the bat and Hudson the pig.
-The yearly Halloween run on the Fullerton's street with a gaggle of sugar-high kids.
-The kids' first foot race at Fort Foster, in pirate gear.
-Camping in Acadia with the exchange students in June.
-The RV parked in our driveway.
-A magnificent trip to California where all the Beal cousins were united!
-Meeting the Can Family in June.
-Becky's wedding and spending time with the Sargents.
-Geo-caching, treasure, maps, and all things pirates especially the pirate treasure that amazingly enough was under Makili's fort.
-Makili's tree fort.
-Meeting Baby Hugo!  And seeing Camille and Pascal and our attempt at herding cows together:)
-A brief trip to my Aunt Jean's!
-My obsession with lacto-fermented foods.
-Our family camping trip to Pawtuckaway, and in particular canoeing and Makili's complete fear of hitting something.

I'm going to think of more things as soon as I close this.


I like the crazy look on Remick's face.  And how come, my kids' bellies are so big?