Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Family Mythology

We have a great Halloween scene around here.  We have good friends who live on a cul-de-saq with about 6 houses, which nicely limits the amount of candy we take home.  We have a great group of friends who do a great job of making fun costumes and getting together no matter what the weather.  In fact, we've decided to change the name of the Halloween gathering to "What Will Mother Nature throw at us this year Party."  Last year a foot of snow.  This year a hurricane.  Good times.  The kids had a terrific time though as always. 

In the midst of the party as Makili is gathering his haul, he starts talking about the Switch Witch.  Oh yeah!  The Switch Witch.  Remember her?  She'll switch you a toy or book or art supplies for that big bowl of candy?  Makili didn't forget about her, but we did!  So we had to do some scrambling.  When I was growing up, we had Fifi, the imaginary maid who picked up when we weren't around, and Yahooty, who banged on the pipes or did naughty things.  In our house, we have the Switch Witch and the Toy Troll, both of whom Makili is on top of.  Driving home late last night, he woke himself enough in the car to ask me to make sure I put his lego lighthouse from the Switch Witch on the table so that the Toy Troll wouldn't take it for being left out.  Oh boy.

But I did love that he wrote his own note for the switch with.  It said: "SWCH WICH KANDE ON TABIL"  with a picture of a big green bowl.