Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

MY favorite field trip

 I can never get enough of the Common Ground Fair.  I've gone on about it before.  It is seriously just so much fun.  So much to see and do.  So much good.  This year, we went with my parents and "camped" with them the night before.  I got to sit by a cozy campfire and eat outside even thought it was chilly.  We met up with my aunt and cousins which was extra fun because that meant I could explore a little more than I've been able to in the last few years, since I've seen more of the childrens' area than any other.  Raph seriously disappeared for the whole day, excited to take classes on wild foraging, buying an old tractor (I think he took that tractor a bit late, but whatever), mushroom foraging, and some other things.  I met him for the mushroom talk which was cool because I realized how much I have learned since I tried to go with Makili two years ago:)

We brought our own boxes for the hill this year, which is always a hit.   This is the first year however that we've participated in the veggie parade which is seriously the best fun you can have for free.  My mom was the cutest eggplant ever!

If you live anywhere near us you should really plan your next September around making it to the fair.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A lot of work to live here.

 We recently attended a beautiful wedding on a farm.  So lovely.  And good friends were here too talking about moving here!  So exciting!  But our friend Ben did pause at one moment and say, "it seems like a lot of work to live here."  And I guess I can appreciate how he feels that way.  When I lamented to my mom this week how tired I am of food preservation, she said, "well that is a choice, you know."  But you know, for me it doesn't feel like a choice.  If I spent my energy on things other than raising my children, growing and preserving the food that nourishes us, building our house around us, splitting (Raph) and stacking and moving the wood to keep the house warm, it seems to me I would be spending my energy in the wrong places, since I don't believe there is more important work. 

And so here I am with jars of saurkraut fermenting on the counter, jars already cooked in cold storage, tomatillos waiting their turn, sauce on the stove, the freezer absolutely FULL of frozen berries, sun-dried tomatoes, greens and zucchini, jars of rose hip, peach, blueberry, concord grape, strawberry-rhubarb jams, zucchini and beet relishes, pickles and chutneys lining the pantry shelves, sweet potatoes curing in the greenhouse with more to be harvested in the gardens, grapes literally rotting as they wait to be turned into something yummy (once-in-a-lifetime year for grapes apparently!)  And yes I am sort of tired.  But I am also exhilirated by it all.  Because in a way, we are part of a revolution here. 

I read an article recently by a new face in our life, Chris Knapp of Koviashuvik Local Living School (more about that later), in which he said, "As I listen to the presidential hopefuls make optimistic promises for social health, job security, and economic prosperity, I think 'This is beyond the scope of your work.  Only people can create healthy communities, stable jobs and dependable food sources.  This is our work, to be accomplished in countless daily interactions with each other and the land.'"  And I get shivers from thoughts like that.  And I get renewed energy for that pot of sauce to be canned, the ground hog that needs to be addressed, the final beautiful blooms to harvest, and well I'm going to learn about harvesting acorns this season!  Bread from acorns!  Cool, huh!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I almost forgot about camp.

To my chagrin, Raph insisted on having "camp" at our house this summer (because two kids to keep track off all day aren't enough and there are no other things that need to be attended to or anything, like a bedroom door for example.  just sayin.)  So for one whole week from early in the morning to well into the afternoon, my kids and two of our friends, Lucy and Morgan, followed Raph's camp whims, which he spent quite an admirable time planning.  I was very marginally involved in all that because well sometimes a girl just has a grudge, but anyway, it was pretty cool actually.  They went on an educational excursion each day - tree identification at Mount Agamenticus, tide pool scavenger hunt at Odiorne, using a compass at Fort Stark, and all of it culminated in a camping trip!  (I know he's totally crazy right?)  They did art projects - tshirts, sunprints, paper mache volcano, and honestly I don't remember what else.  Raph even made the volcano explode.  I hate to say it, but camp may become a yearly thing!  Yikes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Some days.

Today actually was a great day, but I was perusing the photos and reminded of days like this!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Baby Shower - Farmer Style

 One of my farmer friends recently had a baby.  (I get to go hold that baby later today.)  We had a baby shower for her, farmer style - which means it was in a picturesque barn with garlic hanging from the rafters, with great fresh food including an entire party bowl of bacon!, kombucha, and some exceptional dishes using seasonal excess, fresh flowers all around as decoration.  The gifts were thrifted and cute, though honestly it was interesting to look around the room and realize how rare it is to see that many young women with no children!  I guess that speaks to the profession of farming.  Such beautiful people and such a lovely afternoon.  I think Maggie and her baby are going to be educating all of us:)