Saturday, April 21, 2012


 The kids went to their first baseball game last weekend.  Portland Sea Dogs!  They were super-interested in it for about 1.5 innings.  OH. My. God. Baseball is seriously the most boring sport ever and I have decreed that there will be NO baseball players in my house because I certainly could not endure watching endless games. 

Unfortunately, they started advertising in the 2nd inning that kids were invited to "run the bases" after the game.  Which of course Makili heard and immediately wanted to do.  So we suffered through the entire game and then waited in a ridiculous line (and we thinking we were smart to be at the front of the line, but they screwed us over and made us be at the end!) and Remick faceplanted in the middle of the base runs.  But I suppose it was the perfect day to subjected to such torture.  It was 70 and sunny in beautiful Portland.  So I suppose it could have been worse.