Thursday, January 13, 2011


We got hammered with snow yesterday. Raph's school is still closed again today. Wimps. (That's what Mainers say about closing school for a 2nd day.) I wish I could say that it was a great day, but honestly I woke up in a grump. I had stayed home with the kids the entire previous day and yesterday I just wanted to get out. I envisioned a really awesome hike in the snow together as a family on snowshoes, if I was lucky. I didn't count on 50 mile/hour winds. And while we were forecasted to get less than a foot of snow, we definitely got more than that. With the winds, we ended up with huge drifts that are closer to 3 feet deep. (Don't ask Raph about how much snow we got though, cause he's like the Hawaiians with their waves - a ridiculously conservative estimator.) So our hike was a strike out, though we did venture out there a few times for a break from the inside craziness. It was nice to have a bigger house though. I made Makili run up and down the stairs for a while.

We painted a lot, which we've been doing for two day, and Makili did surprise me by mixing up hi subject matter a bit. He painted a really beautiful apple tree. I find it interesting that whatever I paint he paints. I painted a picture of Makili and Remick in the bath, and then he painted one too. Maybe that's how they start? I should take a picture of them cause they're awesome.

We ended our day though with a really awesome night hike together as a family. The wind had died down substantially and Makili was able to walk on our snowy road without wading through waist-high snow. We all had a flashlight, even Remick who was in the sled being dragged, though we were able to turn them off for a while and just be in the silent woods with a yellow sky. It was a much better ending to the day. And today we woke up and Raph made waffles, so it's getting better already.