Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting to Christmas

 We had a computer crash recently and it the days have been so so full that figuring out how to download onto a new computer has really been more than I can handle.

In the past month, there have been parties, and kids all around, trips into the woods for stone soup, a quick trip to NY with 20 exchange students, really ramped up holiday elving, Saturday morning hockey, a four day drive to Florida with stops to see dear family and friends along the way, and needed break in Florida, with bike riding (even Remick! now rides a two wheeler!), walks, beach forays, etc.  Tasty food, Christmas excitement.  So fun.

And we are here, with more pictures to down load, and adorable videos that I am not savvy enough to upload and memories upon memories to build.  A little exhausting to think how full this month has been, but exciting to think all that we've done as well.  Catching up is hard, especially with yourself.