Friday, February 25, 2011

A little dose of the dude-man

Matty stopped by the other day for a little while with Gina, Rudy, and her friend Rhiannon with her baby Callum. She said to Makili, "Have you met my friend Rhiannon?" Without a breath, Makili replied, "No. But have you met my friend Grammy?"

Anyway, The Dude-man, as Rudy is known, is a big little guy and so cute with those saucer eyes. Gina and Matty are mad at him cause he doesn't walk, and I think that he does it just to piss them off. It's all very entertaining...

Happy in Wool

We put the floor down in our bedroom today, which is exciting. We took a little break to go sledding before the snow turned to rain, but overall it has been a day to cuddle up inside. Both my boys are wearing hand-knit sweaters, Makili's being the newest. It was a gift this week from Tamara, who whipped it out in a week! Cables and all! And Remick's is the sweetest little hoodie that Aunt Suzanne made for Makili as a babe. I think it's supposed to be 6-9 months, but I'm so glad we were able to squeak out another winter. I have knitter envy. I wish I could read those patterns and make such adorable things. But I am so lucky to have such lovely people in my life who share their talents with us.