Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Earth is our Home

 Once a month, my boys and I will spend the day in the woods with a bunch of hippies (said in the nicest possible way) making shelters, gather apples, singing songs, tracking animals, cooking acorns, finding springs.  Our first class was last week and my kids LOVED it.  One of the older boys (dressed from head to toes in deer skin - literally his shoes were handmade from leather - made fire with a bow, which was totally cool and amazing.  We cooked foraged apples and water from the spring we "found" into some hearty apple sauce.  The kids built shelters, cut the apples (big knives for little boys! but so well instructed it wasn't a problem.) and pretty much frolicked in the woods for four hours.  It was grand.  Next week, we're making bread from acorns!