Monday, March 21, 2011

A Send Off.

One of the families in our circle of friends is headed to California this spring. Ryan recently was hired by the DEA and had to be away from his family for five months for their version of boot camp, and now they're being "deployed" to San Diego. Some other friends rented the fish and game building a threw a little shin-dig for them this weekend. It was a nice time and the kids were certainly happy to see each other! I was given the job of coming up with kids' activities. Can you guess what they were?
Cape-decorating (yes I was somehow convinced to sew 15 capes ahead of time for this party!)

By the way, you know what's cuter than one baby in a kilt? TWO!
There was no shortage of sugar, and Madelyn was definitely not holding back:) Right out the of the bowl!
Coordinated t-shirts~!

And of course the face painting crayons were broken loose too!