Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Emotional

I just bought the new Wailin' Jenny's album (SO good) and am listening to it while I sort through some photos and finding myself a little choked up. You know, I am so lucky to have this guy. And I meant it when I said that some of my best things were watching him laugh and skate. He is a different person on ice skates, and while most of my winter I spend pining for Hawaii, I would be sad to not get to see him on ice as often as I do. Skating unleashes his total youthful happiness, and he is so graceful and confident and well, attractive. Watching people do something that they are good at is a gift and a unique window into their soul.

I love making valentines.

There is nothing I love more than Raph laughing and Raph skating.

I had to make a race car valentine for Makili and it was totally worth it because he has thanked me for it a half a dozen times tonight since I gave it to him. He LOVES it and I love that something as simple as a homemade valentine makes him so happy.

This little one thought that he might be nice as a decorated valentine which would explain why he is covered in marker. But like I wrote on the back of his valentine, my love for him grows every day.