Sunday, November 07, 2010

Joe on the balcony from the "master" bedroom
Bathroom is on the right and that wall in the back is the gable end facing
the driveway;that staging plank is about 13 feet off the ground, and you
can see it sticking out the window

Plasic windows

Makili in the kitchen
Larry in the bathroom downstairs

Progress has resumed with the return of Larry. This past week he and Joe have worked every day building walls and ruffing in the plumbing and electricity. Demolition is almost complete. The ceiling in the other downstairs bedroom is going to come down and then it will all be done. The next major things to happen are all plumbing and electrical finished and inspected, stairs built, house made water tight, walls insulated, and then we can talk sheetrock. Most of the windows are not cut out to keep rain out. There are two more on the road side, and we are talking about fixed windows on that gable end. The amount will depend on how much they cost.