Thursday, September 13, 2012

I almost forgot about camp.

To my chagrin, Raph insisted on having "camp" at our house this summer (because two kids to keep track off all day aren't enough and there are no other things that need to be attended to or anything, like a bedroom door for example.  just sayin.)  So for one whole week from early in the morning to well into the afternoon, my kids and two of our friends, Lucy and Morgan, followed Raph's camp whims, which he spent quite an admirable time planning.  I was very marginally involved in all that because well sometimes a girl just has a grudge, but anyway, it was pretty cool actually.  They went on an educational excursion each day - tree identification at Mount Agamenticus, tide pool scavenger hunt at Odiorne, using a compass at Fort Stark, and all of it culminated in a camping trip!  (I know he's totally crazy right?)  They did art projects - tshirts, sunprints, paper mache volcano, and honestly I don't remember what else.  Raph even made the volcano explode.  I hate to say it, but camp may become a yearly thing!  Yikes!