Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Stinking Cute.

 We were so lucky to be present at our good friend Becky's wedding.  Since I first met Becky when she was 14 (and visiting her big sister, my pal Evan, at college) it seems like I've seen her grow up.  When Raph and I lived in Maine close to 10 years ago (!!) Becky was in college at UNH and we'd hang out with her sometimes.  She's a farmer, and so our paths crossed again when I started working at the farmers' market and she started working for one of "my" farms.  It seems meant to be that she will be in our life in some way forever.  Which is just fine by me:)  She is so stinking cute.  And that Phil she snagged.  Well, as my friend Mary told me shortly after they started dating, "he's a beautiful human being."  So that's a good start!  And they jumped right in to a dairy farm of several hundred acres.  They're pretty amazing, and I'm so glad we're near each other.

The added bonus of seeing Becky get married is that I get to see my old friend Evan, and her two boys, Sam and Pete.  They are Makili and Remick's best friends.  As soon as they move here any way!  And we got to see Jesse and the rest of the clan, and Stephane.  Like a reunion!