Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Fwing Yet.

When you have a room that looks like this:
You have a teenager in the house. We have a Polish exchange student, Asia, living in our house for a little while. Good thing we made the house bigger, huh? She has been a pretty good sport about the lack of doors and chilly morning temps.

Makili woke up yesterday and said, "Is it fwing (spring) now?" Apparently since he didn't see any snow on the trees he thought we were in the clear. Oh how I wish it were true! Instead we've engaged in other things: craft time, experimenting with the shower, making funny faces, wearing Asia's "fancy boots" (it cracks me up when Makili comes whining to me saying "I want fancy boots!") and making forts. In the meantime, I am busy ordering seeds and dreaming of spring, and very busy with the exchange student business!