Friday, August 31, 2012

Vacationland Part III

And then there are the family visits.  And that isn't even counting my parents and niece.  We got to have an ever-so-brief visit from Jean and Warren, Terry and Cindy, and their kids Jack and Andy.  (Jack's quote and Makili's new favorite line is: I'm the master of stupid stunts and bad ideas.)  My yard looked like a trailer park with my parents RV parked there and two more pop-up campers outside to keep it company.  We of course were able to sneak in a quick game of Oh Hell after the kiddies were in bed, and of course played by international rules.  Simultaneous to that brief visit was a visit from the Romanians - Tamara's sister and family.  We hung out with them all together, grilling at the beach, and then celebrating Tamara's niece's 9th birthday!  And helped them prepare for a camping trip, which was completely entertaining.

And then Tim gifted my child Parcheesi.  And there has been NO looking back for him.  It is all Parcheesi all the time. 

We really are lucky:)