Saturday, April 16, 2011

Into Everything

This little guy had (in addition to the broken leg) a bloody lip and a bloody nose this week. Last week he climbed out of and fell out of his crib - with a broken leg. He is into EVERYTHING. But boy is he cute. His language is absolutely adorable. He says almost everything in a mono-syllabic overly emphasized way. "Ploy! COME. BACK. HERE. NOW!" "Water. Get it!" He slept especially poorly the night before last and yesterday I was trying to talk to him about it. I said, "Remick, you were screaming at me all night long and mommy didn't like it!" His response, with a smile, "Mommy! Out!" He totally understood what I was saying and totally knew he had been screaming unneccesarily that night. I said I didn't want him to do that again. He said, "awight, I won't." And amazingly, that worked. He gets the cast off this week and he is so excited to go swimming like big brother, who has been taking swimming lessons. He is so cute.