Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recent Obsessions

With the move from inside to out, all of our focus shifts. And instead of the complete and total obsession with Diego, Makili has moved on to focusing on Diego's zipline. He had me to the point of broken nerves one day by asking more times than I could handle if I could build him a zip line. How about now? Are you ready now? It didn't matter if I told him I would in the summer or if I flat out told him NO, he just kept on me ALL DAY! So Raph at least bought me some time and mental health rehabilitation by building him the rope ladder up into the tree and a tree swing. Makili now spends all him time dragging everything he owns up into the tree.

Huge pile of lobster rope from dump: free
Ton of treasures from around the house and yard: free
Hours of uninterrupted play: priceless.