Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feeling a little low

My parents left this morning after a very pleasant, brief visit. I've been having a hard time keeping the camera handy, and so I don't even have good documentation of such a nice time. The kids love Grammy and Opa (Nomy and Bopa to Remick) so much, at least partly because they are willing to do things like play with Lightning McQueen for hours, or play hide-n-go-seek with the worst seeker on the planet.

Sometimes I think how it must be challenging for my parents to have to go to my house and my siblings' houses and work each of our systems. At my house, there's no TV, composting, recycling, space heaters, wood stove filling at night, vegetarian food, greenhouse duties in the summer, snow removal issues in the winter, etc. (Though it is probably a step up from Hawaii with the class 6 road, solar electricity, and catchment water:) My brother and sister's houses have their own routines and idiosyncrasies - chickens, driving, dogs, running, etc. It must be challenging to have to live in your children's homes and have them be so different.

I feel lucky to get the time I get with them. Now I'm just waiting for them to move in.