Friday, December 31, 2010

What a year - I went a little overboard on the pictures!

We ended the year with friends, sharing a raclette dinner (a cool Swiss meal thing), and watching the kids bust a groove. It was so fun. Here are some other moments from 2010.


And today.
In many ways 2010 was the most stressful I can remember. The first year of the flower business, packing up my whole entire house, managing the work on the house while taking care of the kids, and then moving back into our house. Those events truly almost put me over the edge. But like most things they also brought me some of the greatest joy. I feel so truly blessed with the lovely house that was built by family and friends, and so completely awed by their sets of skills and gracious generosity. It was hard to need so much help and to have so many people fill that void and trying to learn that "done" is a relative state, but also a place from which to go forward. I am also truly humbled by the work involved in farming, even on the small scale that I sold flowers this summer, but in it I found an incredibly rewarding creative outlet that I can do while having the kids with me.

Here is a list of some of our highlights of 2010:
  • moving into a house that can accommodate us (and guests!) now and into the future.
  • being overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family helping us with our house.
  • making money growing flowers!
  • making bouquets weekly and giving flowers to friends and family.
  • a strengthening circle of friends who get together frequently - taking our kids to the Nutcracker, to the beach, to eachother's houses, and getting together as adults.
  • seeing some old friends - Emma, Camille, Bob, Gina, Ethan, Isaac, John, Gwen, Dan
  • surfing for my 32nd birthday
  • winter solstice bonfire at the Mastersons
  • watching my children laugh together
  • Makili jumping off of the rocks into the ocean
  • Makili ice-skating fearlessly
  • laughing at my mom playing hide-n-seek with Makili and Remick (this involves sitting on the ground with a basket on your head.)
  • camping in Acadia
  • finding a preschool that is a good match for Makili (and me!)
  • befriending the farmers at work (the farmers' market)
  • meeting Rudy Olivianne and Ploy
  • watching Makili and Gabrielle play and run in Arkansas
  • getting to know Remick and his personality - the musical, very verbal little thing who cracks himself up and brings so much joy to our lives.
  • when my kids started sleeping till 7:00!
  • eating out of the garden (still!)
  • seeing our friends Mark and Lauren get back together after nearly divorcing
  • having many family members gather for Rudy's memorial
  • seeing Makili knead the bread dough with Annma.
  • Remick's total adoration of Paka and Opa
  • having Becky in our lives again
  • feeling comfortable leaving my kids with babysitters (even if forced by necessity)
  • sitting on the dock in Branford
  • bringing a bit of simplicity to Christmas
  • Matty's baby shower - pin the fetus on the pregnant momma!
  • the 4th of July party of course
  • Makili calling people "scurvy dogs" while dressed as a pirate.
  • volunteering to pick vegetables for the Plant-a-Row for the hungry program
  • the Master Gardener program
  • jumping off the dock with the Weyants at Sondog Gardens
  • taking 5 kids under the age of 3 to the beach on a 96 degree day and having to walk a mile to get there (oh yeah, except I left them there!)
  • watching a summer storm come in with my mom at York Beach
  • the introduction of the "toy troll" into our house
  • hiking Agamenticus with Ann and Larry
  • mushroom hunting with the Mastersons
I'm sure I could think of more, but at the moment, the kids need one last snuggle from their mama in 2010. And we have a lot of memories to make in 2011 - starting tomorrow.

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Now this is the size of posting that should be a regular occurrence! Many memories many fun times.