Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Conversations with Makili

This morning over breakfast:

Makili: Mom, I just saw something fall out of the tree. I think it was an acorn.

Mom: That's a really good guess, but those trees aren't oak trees - the ones with acorns. That tree is a horse-chestnut (remember collecting them?) and the other one is a maple tree.

Makili (with the light turning on in his brain): Oh! That's the tree that grows maple syrup?

Mom: Yup!

Makili (turning to look out some other windows): What about those trees over there?

Mom: That one is a maple tree too and so it that one, and the one behind it is a poplar tree.

Makili (again with lights on!): Oh that tree grows our popcorn!

Randomly while playing:

Makili: Mom, is the inside of my mouth dark?

Mom: Yeah, I guess so.

Makili: Is the inside of your mouth dark too? Can I see?

Mom: Uh, okay. (Opening mouth)

Makili: The inside of your mouth is dark just like mine and Mater's!

After school one day (the sadness and sweetness of this just breaks my heart)

Makili: Mom, some of the kids were being mean guys today at school, so I had to be a mean guy too.

Mom: What do you mean they were being mean guys?

Makili: They were talking mean and saying I couldn't play.

Mom: You know the rule at school. You can't say someone else can't play. Did you tell them that you didn't like the way they were talking.

Makili (emphatically): I don't want to be a mean guy (my heart swooning). And I don't want the other kids to be mean guys either!

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