Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hard Drive Space (and everything I ate yesterday) Revealed!

Raph made some room for me on the computer so I could download pictures again, including a photoshoot of my little love. I am so completely enamored with this little guy. So full of personality you wouldn't believe.

In other news, I spent six hours puking my brains out last night (take it back, EMMA!:). Which would have been followed by blissful sleep except poor Makili starting puking for six hours almost the minute I stopped. Poor Ann was here and not a one of us got any sleep last night! Makili is in fighting condition today, though my recovery hasn't been quite so quick. Hopefully tomorrow things will look up.


emma said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! how the heck did it wait so long? i'm so sorry, blayney, but you are now all that much stronger, eh? ;)

anna said...

he's a sweet little cherub! hope you're all over the pukes.

hippiepotomus said...

if it doesn't kill us, it makes us stronger, right? I still haven't felt capable of eating much, but I'll take a diet directive if I must! I'm glad I got to see you Em.