Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Same, but Different

It is so interesting to watch the personality of my little one emerge more and more. And so fascinating how different he is from his brother. He truly thinks life is one big joke, and he is the punchline. Much of the time all you have to do is look at him and he starts laughing in his goofy, naughtly little way. Likewise, instructions and directions are just part of the joke too, which means that I now have two children who don't listen to anything I say (these new three year old behaviors are something else). This can be difficult, like yesterday in the bike shop with Dad. I've never been so happy to strap my children in the car in my life!

But in many ways my two boys are so different. One of the biggest areas of difference between them is their interest in animals. Makili does not like animals. I try not to say this in front of him because I don't want him to "learn" that about himself, but he is totally afraid of big dogs, and really doesn't care much for any animals! Remick on the other hand LOVES all animals and LOVES to put little Cricket into a submission hold until she lets Remick love her to death.Both of my boys love to be outside, though currently more Remick than Makili. Makili spends so much time happily playing with cars and trains, building tracks and garages. I love how he can play independently. Both boys have really been enjoying drawing lately, and it has made me realize how little interest Makili had in drawing at Remick's age. He has only recently begun to want to color and draw and seems to be a bit behind his peers in that realm. But what he seems to lack in 2-dimensional prowress, he makes up for in 3 dimensions. He makes cool stuff out of play-dough (and real clay when mom lets him have it).
When Makili was a babe he ate pretty much anything. Remick however wan't cut from that cloth. He is picky. He likes grains and berries. No vegetables. Oh and how the child loves sugar! In fact the only vegetables that we seem to able to get him to eat are roasted beets and carrots - pretty sugary stuff. Realistically, he'd be totally happy to eat bread and rice all day, peppered with blueberries and raspberries for dessert.
When my two get along it is totally sweet. Sometimes Makili is SO good at sharing and distracting. At this moment they are both "jumping" on the couch - a favorite pasttime around here. Remick will not allow himself to be left out of anything. Anything his brother has he has to have too. Anything his brother does, he has to do too!
Look at that sweet little face.

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evan said...

remick has changed so much since i saw you guys! we'll probably go to rhode island for a week or 2, maybe we can meet up or come up there again. I wanna go to savers.