Friday, September 24, 2010

weekending (last weekending)

I was obsessed with trying to get a nice photo of Gina and Craig on our hike last week. Craig didn't enjoy that do much. I have a lot of pictures of the two of them with a very serious Craig. It was a nice hike though. nicer even when Larry picked us up as we started up the very big hill! I love this time of year.

oh, and some of you might not know about Raph's love for lizards and turtle, particularly tiny ones! Imagine his happy joy to find a teeny-tiny little snapping turtle that he needed to "save" and bring to his parents' pond. (after a lot of fondling and a photoshoot of course) He's so cute.

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Laura Matty said...

looks like fun! why do we live so far away?!?!