Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Life

We're trying to find our regular rhythm around here. Raph has been back to work for a few weeks, we are at the tail of the flower season, exchange students are mostly tucked into their new homes, and we're over the first sickness of the season - hand, foot, and mouth disease. This week we try a new pre-school, which holds a lot of promise (and respite for me!)

I bought some wigs last week at the new Savers that opened up (I heart Savers) and they've been a big hit. I find myself enamored with cool dress up stuff lately. I bought an awesome hat at a yardsale with Ruthie on Friday. Ruthie, Raph's grandmother's sister, is my new buddy. She's been calling me to go yardsaleing with her on Fridays for a month or so now. It is so fun to hang our with her 80? or 90? year old self! I think she likes me too.

Mostly we're just trying to find the rhythm of our daily activities - the things that never end: cleaning, and cooking and gardening. (like this carrot tomato bisque I made last week that rocked) But we're also hiking (this is hands down the best time of year!), enjoying our last minutes in the ocean - even surfing - and preparing for winter. WHICH includes trying to get permission for a second story on the house! I'm going to apply for permits today! That is exciting and scary at the same time!

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anna said...

i always try to get zoey to wear wigs and let me take her picture. she knows how much i love it, therefore will NOT stand for it!