Thursday, July 22, 2010


We've had a lot of eventful weather around here of late. It has been hot and humid (I feel like I'm in the Burgh!) with a lot of thundershowers. Before I was working at farmers' markets three days a week thunderstorms held a different meaning, but now I worry about customers coming, tents blowing away, being wet for ten hours, etc. Farmers' markets are a lot like the mail - rain or shine sleet or snow, they are happening.

Anyway, after work last night, I wanted to be outside and the mosquitos have become absolutely unbearable at our house all of a sudden, so we went to Long Sands Beach to walk. My mom is here to help me out while Raph is working long hours in Boston for two weeks and going for a late-night walk is right up her alley. We were so lucky to watch a really amazing storm come in over the water. It was so beautiful and a little scary (we didn't capture any of the lightning but there was plenty.) In bed later when the storms reached our house, it was like a light show. It was really cool. I don't have anything super-smart to say about the storms or the skies, but they have been really cool.

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