Friday, July 23, 2010

Mr. Communication.

My little Remick is such a communicator. If all else fails he's a grunter and screamer, but all of sudden he has become such a little talker (and signer.)

He says: mama, dada, ball, airplane, thank you, birdie, truck, uh-oh
He signs: more, milk, please, water, eat
He repeats sounds in singing - lala, deedee, etc.
He shakes his head yes and no.
His receptive language has been amazing lately too. He totally follows directions (when it suits him): like sit down, pick it up, lay down. If I say something about his diaper, he'll run into the bedroom (where the diaper changing station is) trying to rip his diaper off. So far we've beat him before he tugs off a diaper full of terds, but the day is totally coming.
I find it interesting that all of Makili's first words were food items and Remick's aren't even though he spends all day eating or trying to get food. Sometimes he helps clean up though...

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