Monday, November 02, 2009

Tractor and Sumo Wrestler

Remick who just this week weighed in over 18 pounds at his 4 month doctor's appointment was a sumo wrestler for Halloween. He wasn't very cooperative at picture time, but he didn't actually mind it much.

Makili has talked for weeks about being a yellow bucket tractor, NOT a farm tractor. But when the big day came and the big kids were wearing scary costumes, there was no chance he was going to put that tractor on, which as it turned out was sort of okay, since the final product was a little front heavy. So we took the obligatory pictures, but he was actually a skeleton for trick-or-treating. I had fun making it though.


Laura Matty said...

love the costumes!

cowgirlwannabe said...

nice job on the tractor, very creative