Sunday, November 01, 2009

Rockin Gifts

I should be sleeping right now while I can, but I can't. So I'm going to saya few words about some amazing gifts I've received recently from dear friends. Because we are still suffering form space issues on our computer, I don't have all the pictures to tell the gifts story, but let me be clear that we have received some beautiful!!! gifts for both Makili and Remick (and me and Raph too), and they are certainly not all mentioned here, but heartfeltedly appreciated!

So recently we got a package from my friend Becky in North Carolina. She sent us an awesome poetry book that I had never seen before and has been a hit around here. AND this adorable bib, which a whole level above the ones that I had made a while back, because it has a snap up catching trough. I rEALLY want to learn how to put in snaps. It was awesome.

Then I got this AMAZING package from Ana in Rhode Island, who sent us a slew of cool stuff, but this name banner for Makili's door was my absolute favorite and sent me into bouts of depression about how I don't have time to make anything anymore. It isn't for lack of ideas and deserving friends and relatives! I'm still working on Caroline's prize! In any case, tell me this isn't the coolest!
And then my local buddy Nadine gave me the most welcome new mom gift that ever was. Seriously. She got my kitchen and bathroom cleaned for me by a professional. Can you believe that? I went outside with my kids and someone else who I didn't have to feel indebted to came in and scrubbed my toilet and bath tub. Talk about luxury. Screw the spa. Toss the massage. To me there is absolutely NOTHING more luxuriant than someone else cleaning my house.

I am eternally grateful for all of the wonderful gifts we've received from our dear ones. One of these days, my hands will be more free and I can return the favor. I'm anxious to get started, but trying to savor the baby moments too. Thank you dear friends.

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Baby Bird said...

yes, savor the baby moments, screw the crafts! i'm trying to relax about crafting hehe. moving and preparing for a craft fair is NOT FUN! and zoey has hit a new level of toddlerism...or whatever. lots of no's and yelling. i enjoy having a kid, but i'm having to work hard to get through it!