Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cause that's how my mom rolls.

I mentioned that I didn't have the picture from the big visit, and poof, a CD arrived in the mail! My mom is quick like that. Some of my favorite picture of Makendra still didn't work, but there are still a lot of nice ones!

Final beach days.Pumpkins...
Tim, the maestro chef.
Pretty Tamara.
Public Servant Jean.

Maybe time for a haircut?Good Ol' Warren.
Even Opa limped through the orchard! (Love you Dad)

REALLY happy to be there.
My seldom seen Aunt Katie and Uncle Bill. They live in Canada. A real treat to see them.
My cousin Makendra's Luke, who is four months older than Makili.
My family! Wow.
My smiley guy.
My cousin Makendra's baby, Faith, who is two weeks older than Remick.
And my cousin, Makendra

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