Friday, November 20, 2009

I forgot to mention

As a part of my recounting of yesterday I forgot to mention two small pieces of my day, which I only remembered now because my house still smells like smoke.

First, in on of my try-to-be-a-good-mom moments, I was trying to pop the popcorn that we grew this summer. It is very dry, which I know is part of the process so I stuck a cob in the microwave to see how it would taste. And I waited for the popping. It did eventually start popping. Unforuntately at about the same time, the cob started burning and filled the microwave with black smoke. We tried to eat the good bits, but they tasted too smoky.

THEN the teenage helper, Sam, (whose Dad also happens to be a fireman) was over and I was trying to make the salad for dinner. I was toasting the almonds, which frequently results in burnt almonds. Well, jsut as I noticed that they were black, and opened the door to pull them out, the whole tray burst into flames. My entire toaster was full of black smoke sneaking out the sides. Sam, worries, asked seriously, "do you want me to call my dad?" I assure her I can handle it and with over mitts proceed to carry the flaming toaster outside. It is still sitting on the back patio.

I jsut want you all to know the entirety of yesterday.

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Rebecca said...

wow. what a day!