Thursday, November 19, 2009

How we pass our days...

I got up this morning at six or whatever ungodly hour we get up around here. I put forth a good effort to be a good mom. I played with Makili in the "restaurant" (see below), cleaned up a bit with Makili's help, got myself a cup of coffee, gave Remick attention, etc. And then I was tired. And I realized IT WAS ONLY 9:00!

So I went to the Family Resource Center but they didn't actually have a play group this morning. They let me stay anyway until Makili had a meltdown because I wouldn't let him eat unlimited donuts (I cut him off at two munchkins. I don't think they should even put them out at a place like that to be honest). So we left and I tried to drop off my defective nursing bras at the UPS store, but I couldn't get across the bridges. The big bridge had major traffic so I tried the bypass bridge, but the bridge was up, so I gave up and turned around. Makili asked to go to the playground, so I thought I'd give "the good mom" thing another try and headed there. Unfortunately I got there and had to go to the bathroom so bad I decided I just wanted to go home, plus the whole playground was wet. So I coerced Makili into leaving and went home at which point it was ONLY 11:00 and I thought to myself "how am I ever going to make it until nap time?!"

During nap time, I taught writing to some homeschoolers down the street, which was actually fun, but right about the time we were wrapping up, my teenage helperouter showed up even though she had never called me to say whether she was able to come AND she was there an hour earlier than the previous time AND my kids were still asleep, which made her help less useful.

I used my "free" time to go running while Raph cut up the firewood, a project that never seems to end. And now it's bed time. But here are a few pictures from our days.

Makili now does this puzzle quickly without any help at all. Pretty good for a two-year-old.I was wrapping some Christmas presents this morning so I can deliver them with people and avoid the shipping and Makili was helping. He kept asking, "where's my present. Finally he went and got his lego tractor and wanted to wrap it up for himself." Slef-manipulation is a good skill.
Remick's eyes look a bit like my brother's in this picture. Raph liked watching him chew on one of his favorite toys (I'm glad noone else bought this Nadine!)
And this is Makili's new favorite thing. This box is his "restaurant." He like me to sit outside with a plate and say,, "Hey pizza man! Where's my pizza? I'm hungry!" At which point he dives through the doors and onto the ground. There is little pizza involved, but he loves the dramatic entry, you know...

I am showing this to MAkili and I realized that he no longer calls Remick "wreck" or "rick", but actually says Remick...

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