Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is actually not a picture of naughty. This picture is Makili wearing Remick's sumo wrestler costume, which made me laugh so hard I let him keep it on. Unfortunately, he thought it was a diaper (it does sort of fit like one) and had a full-on adult sized crap on the rug. And he had a meltdown too because he was so upset about it. Thankfully Raph was home that day and I didn't have to scrub the rug and the kid (just the rug!)

But Makili has been demonstrating naughty lately. Like when he stuck a pretzel nugget in Remick's mouth. Or when he dumped all the ashes from the fire (they're in a box underneath) onto the floor so that he could "dig" with his immense tractor collection. He's been a real pistol lately. He's also taken to calling Raph and I by our first names if we don't answer fast enough. He'll be in his room for nap emphatically yelling, "mom, mom, mom." Then a pause. "Blayne. Blayne. Blayne." It actually makes me laugh. I'll have to remember to write down some more of the naughties, because they are pretty funny retrospectively. (except the crap on the floor. that wasn't so funny.)

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Baby Bird said...

i thought that was the sumo suit. what else could it be. hilarious. zoey has been super naughty lately too! she used to be such a good girl, and now, she's something else. i hope she's advanced and her behavior gets easier to manage (what the hell else can i do but try to manage it?)before she is 4. i'm scared of the terrible 3s. today she ripped two library books. ripped the entire page in half! grrr.