Saturday, November 21, 2009

Buddies for the moment

I requested a bunch of books from the library this week which is sort of a good joke, because realistically when do I get to read books? Extra books? Cause I mostly have to read the book for my class, and then there's the book group book that never gets read, so requesting books? Ha! But a miraculous thing happened. Apparently, I accidentally requested the book-on-tape version of Siblings Without Rivalry instead of the actual book. And as I was standing there in the library to pick it up, I almost said, "No I wanted the real book." And then it dawned on me! I might actually be able to listen to a book!

So we've been listening to Siblings in the car for the last few days. Raph can't stand the women's voices, but I think it's been fairly instructive. I'm a little worried that Makili is taking it all in and will therefore be able to outsmart me, but so far I think it will be helpful. Has anyone out there read this book and found it to be helpful? I have to admit that on an emotional day, I cried a few times thinking about my own siblings. We are all so different, and have totally different strengths. I hope they know that I am proud of them, even if I can't always relate to them...

I think the book will be more helpful down the line, but right now, I have to say, Makili is pretty darn fond of Remick. If he wakes up and finds me in the living room, he's quick to ask, "Where's Remick?" Sometimes, he'll even say, "I want to play with Remick." (This of course means tackling him and smothering him with his love, but playing nonetheless.) Makili is also really into telling you that he loves things lately. He probably tells me he loves me dozens of times a day, and each time he usually follows it up with, "And I love Remick too. And I love Daddy too." (Sometimes he also throws a combination of Annma, Paka, Grammy, Opa, and tractors in there too.)

Remick for his part is also pretty fond of his brother. There are days when his whole person lights up when he sees Makili for the first time. It's like that is who he has been waiting to see! He tolerate Makili's doting so well too. Makili will be "hugging" him so that he can barely breathe and certainly can't see the toy he was just touching, and Remick will just chill out waiting for Makili to be done (which is usually when I'm yelling "space in the face!")

I can't wait to see their brotherhood develop. I hope they can continue to enjoy each other as they get older (though I'm expecting the fighting too), but right now I'm just loving that that like each other.

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Anonymous said...

I have the book and read it. You are more than welcome to borrow it for review after you finish listening. I didn't find that I read it straight through but rather skipped from chapter to chapter.

And for the next stage in their lives.....I have "He hit me first" - also a good one! :-)