Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am not sure what I was thinking when I allowed myself to be convinced this morning that I would participate in a craft show in less than TWO WEEKS! I can barely find time to shower? How the hell I am going to produce enough wares in TWO WEEKS is an excellent question. I think I was lured into it by the idea that I'd either be left (after two insano weeks!) with some money in my pocket or a bunch of stuff I can give as gifts. I wish I could sleep better. Like right now I should be sleeping or sewing or doing something useful. But I can't. I'm just wishing I could.

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Anna said...

oh no. i did the same thing. good luck, and remember to let it go and opt out if you need to! it will be hard, but the people of the world may have to survive without beautiful blayne crafts so you can keep your sanity! tell raph he can talk to eric if he needs someone to relate to about this issue :)