Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My big little guy.

This kid is growing so fast.
He's already
so hard trying to get his little hands
onto objects that he sees. It is fun
to watch
his knitted brow
on an object as his little fingers
spastically grab.

He learned to get those little fists into his mouth.
He love
things in his mouth.
My arm. My hand.
His hand.
And to rub his eyes when he's tired.

He smiles so BIG and fully.
I am the center of his universe. Scary, huh.
For so long. He smiles at me for so long.
Big and full and sweeping
that smile.

He likes to be swaddled for sleep.
In the swing.
He grunts
and fidgets, but most nights sleeps pretty well.

He's getting hair!
A soft fur.

He likes it when you tickle his cheek.
Sing songs.
Walk around.
This kid likes to move.
We should have know when we chose a name with the initials

I'm smitten.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love his smile and his pants.

Love Jenna