Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life With a Two-Year-Old

Makili has been quite a little pistol lately. While language abilities continue to skyrocket, apparently so has his level of mischief. For example, I walked outside the other day and he says to me with a smile, "Mom, I pick all pears!" I look at our little pear tree and sure enough he had picked every pear he could reach, which was most of them.

Raph left him alone in the bath for like two minutes and he squeezed out the entire bulk quantity of baby soap into the tub.

While he goes outside by himself all the time and knows clearly where he's allowed to go (like not in the road), he's been testing those boundaries too. We obviously don't leave him outside alone for too long, but if we're gathering things together to put into the car or whatever, he frequently goes outside for a little while as he waits. Anyway, twice in the last week, a woman (separate women, sadly) has stopped her car and come to the door to tell us that Makili was near the road. "Parent of the year!" So now we have a Makili-can't go-outside0-without-an-adult rule.

He has also taken EVERY book off the book shelf a few times lately.

He's also gotten tall enough to climb up and get those Annie's bunnies off the shelf and come close to eating a whole box when I'm not looking.

So I can't wait to see what boundary he pushes this week.


Anonymous said...

He needs Brittany or Grammy to go outside with him!!! I'll volunteer!!!!

cowgirlwannabe said...

is that why they call it the "terrible twos?"