Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chuck the chunk

So I have been determined! Determined I tell you to get to a healthier body weight following Remick's birth. I had just started running a good distance when the morning sickness hit and I didn't want to get out of bed, and I was actually disappointed to put off my "training" at that time. But Remick is here and plenty healthy and fat (in the 90th percentile for weight! and 77th for length!) so I've started exercising in earnest. I started playing soccer again a month after he was born and when I got the go ahead from the doctor (soccer doesn't count right?) at six weeks, I started running. I now aspire to some day (many days away from now) run a half marathon!

I know some of you who know me well are at this point saying, "Blayne? Run more than a block? Ha! She hates to run! Like a LOT!" And you people are very right, but at some point last year I decided that I didn't have a lot of options in terms of what I could do for exercise on a regular basis with small children. I love soccer, but once a week isn't enough exercise. I love to swim, but don't want to pay for a Y membership and don't really want to be covered in chlorine daily or freezing cold in a 7mm wetsuit swimming in the ocean. (We do have a local guy who swims in Chauncey Creek nearby EVERY day of the year. May I remind you all that I live in Maine! I'm not that committed!) So I turned to running.

When I broke through the psychological barrier of running more than say a half mile, I found I could run a good distance. No half marathon yet, but I can run for at least 40 minutes at a time so far (I haven't actually tried more). I don't run fast or with good form, but I can do it. And it is helping considerably with the Chuck the Chunk campaign (thanks Laurie Good for introducing me to the title of the campaign). My goal is to hit my pre-Makili weight. I won't scare anyone with actual numbers, but I am already only 8 pounds away. (I was more like 17 pounds away a month ago!) And though I'm losing weight I have already had to come to term with the fact that there has been some major redistribution and even when I hit my goal, I won't look like I did pre-Makili. Which is okay. I'm at the moment just excited about running, which is fun.

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Emma Nowinski said...

high-five, blayney! you're a champ :)