Monday, June 22, 2009

One week of Remick

It has already been a week! Hard to believe. A week ago I was nursing a tiny Remick, bedbound with IVs, foot things, catheters, the works, but Happy. Though we're still getting to know little Remick, I have to say that he is one mellow fellow. Here are some things about his week in our world, things I've noticed, things I'm fascinated by.

  • I love how his dark hair looks like a hurricane (the doppler image), swirling around.
  • I LOVE how he lays and looks around happy, happy, happy at the world around him for hours.
  • He barks like a puppy when unhappy, though it also sounds like a girly scream
  • He was born with little elfin ears, which are now almost normal. At first though, they were flat at the tops and laid flat against his head.
  • He tolerates his brother's doting admirably.
  • He LOVES music. On the few occassions when he is really fussy, I can turn on some Paul Simon on the computer and it knocks him out.
  • He is attentive to noise in general, though seems to be able to tune out his brother's frequent screaming excitement.
  • He LOVES warm baths at Daddy's hands.
  • He is a mama's boy. He likes me. (In contrast to Makili who didn't seem to care for me in particular and screamed no matter who was holding him.)
  • He already has a poop face like Makili, which I think is hilarious.
  • He likes sleeping with Daddy (his mom likes this too and since Raph can't walk, at least he is doing something useful.)

I am smitten with this little boy. I can't believe how totally in love with him I am. He is so mellow and so sweet. I can't wait to see his personality unfold, to see the shape of our family come into focus.

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Winter said...

Blayne... Remick is too cute! It really makes me eager for another baby. All the pictures with the boys together... oh, just tugs at my heart strings. Congratulations on such a sweet family!!!!