Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Passing Days

We thought Remick might cooperate and sleep in Uncle Tim's bed while we ate Tim's delicious meal. He ended up sitting in my lap through the meal, which was delicious.Tim is a pretty great godfather, except that he keeps asking when the kids can eat meat? (He's just kidding, sort of.) Remick is the youngest baby he's ever held. We're glad he and Tamara are part of our kids' lives (and just as glad that he loves to cook for us!)

Makili LOVES the sprinkler these days.
And we all love the beach.

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Laura Matty said...

it puts a smile on my face to read about Remick and Makili...I told Gabrielle we were going far away to see her cousins this weekend..not sure she understood but she she said "ohh we see Remick & Makili"