Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Father's Day Tidbit

Raph came home from soccer hopping today. Not good. He can't put any weight on his foot and has been lying in bed all day. Makili tried to help and then resorted to using "Mr. Boo-boo" on his own boo-boo.Paka came to visit today too, and unfortunately didn't capture the top of his new hat which reads "PAKA." Paka seems to love being a grandpa. He can't stop buying Makili new toys, like his new scooter, which Paka even wrapped for him to increase the fun. He also bought him a power-wheels motorcycle which Makili will not go near! He doesn't like things that go on their own without muscle power. He also doesn't like those little cars that you pull back and then they go on their own. Not at all. Maybe in a few months Paka.

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