Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ups and Downs

The biggest up lately has been the weather. I can barely stay inside while Makili is napping, knowing that I could be outside with the sun beating down on me working in the garden. We're making major progree outside too - the foundation for the greenhouse is in, and we have the whole dug for our little patio, not to mention the beds ready to sustain us. It really has been glorious lately. My friend Lauren who's baby is due on Sunday stopped working so Makili and I have been hanging out with her and Kayden more often which has been fun.

The biggest down lately...Raph found out he doesn't have a job next year, so we're on the job hunt again, which is always a long annoying process. We're confident everything will work out though.

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laurie said...

It seems I was JUST bragging about our weather when a storm system decided to roll on over! We're inside because it's cold and gloomy outside...not typical for our weather and I DO NOT LIKE IT! Sorry to hear about the job situation. That's so stressful, but your outlook is so upbeat. Enjoy that sunshine!